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How Publishing Works

When you send in feedback following a visit, you have the option of giving us permission to publish your feedback here, in the Reviews section of our website. Here's how it works.

  1. 1. Do all surveys get published once permission is given?
  2. Giving your permission to publish does not guarantee publication, as the Reviews section of our website is lightly moderated.

  3. 2. How will I know if my survey gets published?
  4. After you provide permission, if your submission is chosen for publication, you will receive an email to let you know when your comments have been added to our website.

  5. 3. How much of the survey detail gets published?
  6. The only part of your comments that gets published is the headline you gave your story and your response to the "tell your story" question.

  7. 4. How am I identified in the published version of my survey?
  8. Published feedback shows your signature as first name and last name as it appears on the invitation you received to complete our survey. Where available, we also display your company and city.

  9. 5. Can visitors to your website interact with my survey?
  10. Visitors to our website are able to leave comments beneath your feedback. You can also leave your own additional comments below your survey at any time, either as an addendum to your original comments or in response to comments left by visitors to our site. There is no obligation to do so.

  11. 6. Do I receive any response to my survey from the hotel?
  12. Always. And, when we respond to your published survey on our website, you receive an emailed copy of our response as well.

  13. 7. I have other questions I would like to ask.
  14. Don't hesitate to email us at