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enjoy the suite life at our downtown halifax hotel

With far more space than the ordinary hotel room, our variety of one or two room suites allow you to stay in true comfort. Large windows with superb views, flatscreens, luxurious bedding and modern touches give your suite style. Made to fit you, your suite is guaranteed to feel like home.

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One Bedroom
one bedroom

when you're looking for the ultimate hotel comfort in downtown Halifax, we give you 600 square feet of it on a silver platter. Spacious and gracious.

Junior Suite
junior room

don't let the name fool you - our junior suites are anything but "junior". These suites are grand on amenities, roomy comfort and keeping things nice and homey during your stay.

Studio Suite
studio room

keep things out in the open during your stay in downtown Halifax. Our studio suites are larger than a typical hotel room, featuring 370 sq. ft. in one large open area.

Kitchen Suite
kitchen room

you don't need to be a culinary expert to appreciate a fine kitchen. Especially when a full-scale kitchen with stainless steel appliances comes with a one bedroom suite.

Harbourview Suite
harbourview room

there's something about our Halifax harbour. And nothing beats pulling back the curtain with a hot cup of coffee in hand, and enjoying the view first thing in the morning.